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Product conformity assessment

It is obligatory for every producer of products covered by UE directives

Product conformity audit

It is a service addressed to the producers, exporters, importers and distributors who look for optimization of means, costs and time, to introduce their products to the EU and the domestic markets. Furthermore, it is a service to those who look for the confirmation of the fact that their products comply with all the necessary requirements.

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Scope of application

The product conformity assessment covers the following products:

  • toys – EU Council directive  88/378/EHS
  • personal protective equipment – EU Council  directive 89/686/EHS
  • construction products – EU Council directive  89/106/EHS
  • medical devices – EU Council directive  93/42/EHS
  • active implantable medical devices – EU Council  directive 90/385/EHS
  • in vitro diagnostic medical devices– EU Council directive  98/79/EHS
  • low voltage – EU Council directive 2006/95/ES
  • electromagnetic compatibility – EU directive 2004/108/ES
  • simple pressure vessels – EU directive  87/404/EHS

Procedure of conformity audit

The steps:

  • definition of the requirements for the product to be released
  • evaluation of the product in terms of its conformity and the means of conducting the research
  • preparation of all the necessary documents to conduct the conformity assestment
  • the selection of the accredited and notified body in terms of costs, time and quality of services
  • representation of the client before the above mentioned body
  • supervision over the correct execution of the certification process and the research

Benefits of conformity audit

The conformoty audit is a reliable, objective and full answer to the questions that every producer, importer and distributor might ask, e.g.:

  • how to release the product into the market?
  • has my product been audited properly?
  • where can i conduct all the required research?
  • how much time and how much money I have to spend to legaly release the product into the market?
  • how optimize the costs and tume of the product conformity assestment?

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